dupage monarch project: communities protecting pollinators

A collaboration of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage, River Prairie Group, The Conservation Foundation & Wild Ones DuPage


The DuPage Monarch Project is a group of local organizations working together to provide education about monarchs and increase the amount of suitable monarch habitat throughout DuPage County. DuPage Monarch Project is asking mayors and village boards to formally resolve to make their communities more monarch friendly.


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  1. I wonder where I can find common milkweed plants or seeds so that I could make a place for the butterflies in my back yard.


  2. Last weekend in April native plant sale at Morton Arboradom. All different milkweed sold there. The orange flowering one is fragrant and easy grow from seed.

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  3. Is there any way to notify volunteers who participate in the pollinator bioblitz of your findings? I’ve had a few people in our program ask if this can be done or where they can view your findings.


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