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A collaboration of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage, River Prairie Group, The Conservation Foundation & Wild Ones DuPage


Be the Super Generation that Saves Monarch Butterflies

Gardening for Monarchs and Pollinators

Educate and Engage


Let us know how you’re helping monarchs butterflies and pollinators and we’ll send you a FREE sticker!

DuPage Monarch Project Annual Reports

DuPage Monarch Project 2022 Annual Report

DuPage Monarch Project Members’ 2022 Conservation Actions

DuPage Monarch Project 2021 Annual Report

DuPage Monarch Project 2020 Annual Report

DuPage Monarch Project 2019 Annual Report

DuPage Monarch Project 2018 Annual Report


All About Pollinators

Bringing Nature Home: The Importance of Native Plants by Doug Tallamy Bringing Nature Home was published in 2007 and was instrumental in getting people excited about native plants and the many pollinators and insects they support.  Tallamy has also written: Nature’s Best Hope and The Nature of Oaks.

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County Butterflies and Other Pollinators

How the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County is Managing Land for Monarchs and Pollinators

Project Pollinator  Building Gardens for Pollinators: A Comprehensive “How-to” Guide

Gardening for Bumble Bees – Heather Holm

What is a Monarch Waystation

What is a waystation part 1
What is a waystation part 2

Pollinator-Friendly Parks: Enhancing Our Communities by Supporting Native Pollinators in Our Parks and Other Public Spaces


Milkweed and Aphids

Neonicotinoids in Your Garden

Become a Monarch, Bee, and Wildlife Champion by Reducing or Eliminating Pesticides in your Landscape

Soft Landings?  What are they and why are they important?

What is Community Science

DuPage Monarch Project’s Position on Captive Rearing

University of Illinois Extension Service
Questions about milkweed species, plants pests and monarch butterflies can be answered by the U of I Extension Service help desk (630) 955 1123  http://web.extension.illinois.edu/dkk/

Monarch & Pollinator Presentations: Monarch Joint Venture and our partners have developed basic overview presentations of monarch and pollinator biology and conservation for public use. These presentations may be downloaded for any non-commercial use (for education only). You may adapt the presentations that are by the Monarch Joint Venture.
IMPORTANT: The appropriate organization listed in the powerpoint should be credited as a source of the material, and photo and graphic credits should always remain as they are displayed in the original presentation. You may add or remove slides depending on your needs in the Monarch Joint Venture presentations.
To download, use the following link to view the presentations on Google Drive and then use the down arrow button at the top of the preview to download the presentation. Download the presentations here.

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