The dramatic decline of the eastern monarch butterfly mobilized an international, regional, state and local effort to restore them to a resilient and enduring population. On September 24, Illinois joins this cooperative effort by committing to the addition of 150 million new milkweed stems by 2038.

The Illinois Monarch Action Plan will be signed into place on September 24th at 1:30 PM.

You can watch live on and @IMonProj’s Facebook pages and learn ways to help protect and preserve this iconic species.

The Illinois Monarch Action Plan draws on expertise and input from various Illinois state agencies as well as leaders and professionals in the agriculture, rights-of-way, urban, and natural lands sectors. The Illinois Monarch Action Plan is meant to serve a broad audience of Illinoisans—scientists, educators, public and private landowners, elected officials, and the larger public—as they all work to foster a culture of conservation and help monarch butterflies thrive across the diverse urban and rural landscapes of Illinois.

Take the Pledge

DuPage Monarch Project has pledged its support to the Illinois Monarch Conservation Plan goals and will continue to support the conservation work by park districts, cities, villages, schools, businesses, churches and individuals throughout the county in creating more habitat and engaging their communities on the importance of monarchs and pollinators.