In 2006, a group of Warrenville residents asked the City of Warrenville to join them in beautifying their community. By the following year, 30 baskets brimming with brilliantly colored summer flowers were hanging downtown, ten ground planters were purchased and planted, gardens were installed at eight city signs and three butterfly gardens established along the prairie path.

Annual weeding and maintenance by WIB volunteers at a butterfly garden along the Illinois Prairie Path. Photo by Dorothy Deer

Warrenville in Bloom (WIB) is part of America in Bloom(AIB), a nationwide initiative helping communities become more beautiful, vibrant and sustainable. AIB’s seven areas of impact are designed to enhance a community’s quality of life by supporting economic development, protecting the environment and attracting visitors with healthy urban forestry, well designed and maintained landscaping and celebrations of local historical and cultural heritage,.

Butterfly garden along the Illinois Prairie Path, Warrenville Photo by Dorothy Deer

Warrenville in Bloom’s annual Arbor Day Native Plant sale makes indigenous species readily available to the community. WIB members are on hand for answering questions and sharing information on how native plants sustain butterflies and pollinators with beneficial nectar, pollen and food for caterpillars, like milkweed for monarchs.

Volunteers come together in May for Volunteer Planting Day, a single day of planting the community’s hanging baskets, ground containers and gardens. WIB also participates in community events; the Summer Daze festival sponsored by the Park District in August and National Night Out in October.


Volunteer Planting Day May 30, 2020 Photo Courtesy of Warrenville in Bloom

Curb Appeal Award signs pop up during the summer in recognition of outstanding examples of front yard landscaping, including this attractive butterfly garden showcasing many native plants.

Therese Davis’ front yard native plant butterfly garden was recognized in 2016, photo by Therese Davis

Warrenville in Bloom shares our vision of a pollinator friendly county and became an associate member in 2022, making Warrenville the first community where the city, park district, library and the gardener’s group are all DuPage Monarch Project members.

Conservation is deeply woven into Warrenville’s civic life.

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