Join DuPage Monarch Project in celebrating pollinators with poetry during April, the time of year when butterflies and bees awaken to carry on the work that sustains us.

Poetry is a beautiful and powerful way of expressing joy, delight, hopes, concerns and losses, the feelings often inspired by the plants and creatures encountered in our gardens and outdoor wanderings. Let us join together and combine our voices into a chorus of tribute for the role pollinators play in our health and well being.

Poems featuring bees, butterflies, birds and all pollinating creatures, as well as ones expressing the joy, comfort and delight found in nature will be posted on DuPage Monarch Project’s Facebook page April 1st – April 30th.

Photo: Monarch on Coneflower
Springbrook Prairie – Janet Lawrence

New and experienced poets of all ages are welcome; this celebration is open to everyone.  Multiple entries will be accepted.

Please send poems to Lonnie Morris at  Poems may be pasted into the email or included as an attachment.  Authorship will be given unless anonymity is requested.  Formatting in Facebook is challenging but we will make every attempt to present the poem as you have written it.  Original photos are welcome.  If you don’t have a photo of a favorite pollinator, plant or special outdoor place, one will be selected from the DMP photo library.  If photos are sent, please include the name of the person who took the photo for attribution. 

By submitting a poem, you are granting DuPage Monarch Project the right to share it on the DuPage Monarch Project Facebook page.  The poem will not be shared, used or included in any other manner than the Facebook post during the month of April.

“Most animals cannot fight back with drama, all they can do is leave us with heartbreaking silence. Our collective voices add up to change.”

— Sara Dykman

Bicycling for Butterflies