Pollinators need safe places for finding food, nesting and spending the winter. The Springbrook Nature Center in Itasca has it all.

Visitors can enjoy close-up views of nature while walking through shady woodlands, around a colorful prairie, along Spring Brook and the neighboring wetlands. The wide variety of trees, flowers and shrubs provide food and shelter for local and migrating birds, monarchs on their transcontinental journey, resident butterflies and bees.

Itasca Park District’s commitment to conservation is woven into their mission statement and expressed through the way parkland is managed and their educational programming. Springbrook Nature Center offers an extensive listing of nature camps, classes and environmental education opportunities. Kids learn to care about nature and how to protect it in a Junior Naturalist Club. Junior Naturalists explore, hike, participate in restoration projects, take care of the animals in the building, and much more!

Food and shelter is available in the prairie for butterflies, bees and other insects like goldenrod soldier beetles.

Wings and Talons, an organization dedicated to the preservation of raptors through education, stewardship and conservation, houses several birds of prey at Springbrook Nature Center.

Wings and Talons barred owl

Itasca Park District joined DuPage Monarch Project in August 2022.